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The Hidden Path
 The Hidden Path®

Linda J. Hiner & April-Dawn Elliott

THE HIDDEN PATH® was established and introduced online in 1999.
Founded between friends with like interests and dedicated to helping others, in 2003,
April and Linda opened a quaint little shop in Struthers Ohio.
Our vision is to help provide a nurturing, healing, environment for the community,
stimulate thought, enhance spirit, and provide resources for people of many paths to explore.

After serving 17 years in the area - The Hidden Path closed it's doors.
Co-Founder Linda J Hiner transitioned into spirit in November 2020

To be in the know ...to where my path continues....check in at my Facebook link provided on the home page...
All are welcome.  
Aprils Daily Logs can be found here
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If you are grouchy, irritable or mean....
there will be a fee/fine for having to put up with you.
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