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You are a Spiritual Being
Having a Human Experience

....................many paths to your divine destination

Above and Below the sky,  
while in heaven on earth, are many spiritual paths
I pray they help guide you on your journey to your inner peace, love and light
and ye harm none!~

When the power of Love
Overcomes the love of Power
...Then the world will know Peace

Dreams come true...Dream of the world as one

Pay it forward

Whatever I send will return;
I choose to send LOVE to all.~Mystic Cross-02.03.02â

~Angels ARE everywhere !!~
(in my heart always)~MDNL-11502

Just for today
I will not anger
Just for today
I will not worry
Today I give thanks for my many blessings
Today I will do my work honestly
Today I will be present in all that I do and be kind to every living thing

The Journey is the goal.~noted~

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and ye harm none.  Vox Fini ~AA Gabrael